Eid Moobarak!

Eid ayi hai zamanay main, sab lagay hain nihari khanay main. Bakra Mubarak!

Aaa gaye hain hum Eid ka teesra din khoobusrat bananay. Baat yeh hai k Fanoos ki new episode nay scene awn ker dia hai. Zohaib Kazi and Patari bring the Queen of Sindh, Mai Dhai in the latest 3126609862. Baaja Re is song about dancing and celebrating. So come dance with us in the rain in the 5th episode of Fanoos.

You guys, Pepsi Battle of the Bands is now in its last stages and haye Allah, only thing more delicious than Episode 6 is amma k hath ka Bakra Eid cuisine. One more band said goodbye in this episode with two bands fighting for the ultimate quest of the Best Band of Pakistan. Who should win BoB waisay?

So we also released Hammad Khan’s new song “Alvida” and it is a perfect song to be played in college or university (979) 723-6333. Sun kay daikh lain.

Okay we won’t waste your time as hamain pata hai ap nay hath main payaa pakra hua hai. Bohat acha laga ap sab sey mil kay. Chalain ab side hon. Meow!

Okay jee, bye


Hi {name}

Prime Minister aye na aye, Haftanama to aye ga!

Fanoos is back episode 4! Join Patari and Zohaib Kazi in discovering Hunza’s greatest hidden gem. The latest leg of the Fanoos journey brings us the wondrous Islam Haziz Hunzai, who leaves us bewitched with his music.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands ki pehli episode aa gai hai and bands nay macha di hai dhoom. Fawad Khan ki sexy ainak,  Meesha Shafi ek khoobsurati ka mujasma aur Farooq Ahmed, the winner of 1st Battle of the Bands nay show ka chaar chaand laga diye. Want to know which bands performed in the first episode? Click karain.

Kabhi kabhi drive kertay huay dil karta hai na k aglay banday ka moun tor dain? Aur agar ap aurat hain to there is an added pressure to maintain tameez as well because haw haye lerki gaali kaisay de sakti hai? Well, to destroy this unnecessary stereotype of maintaining tameez, here is (937) 687-0277 newest and the most badass episode.

Aur wo hogaya jo kabhi socha na tha. Jee haan, Poor Rich Boy ka first Urdu song 4072264924 is out. (270) 784-8422 ki video daikhain gey tou aur bhe maza aye ga!

And not to miss, Talha Nadeem’s new song “Talash“. In ka her gana he khoobsurat hota hai. Banda kidher jaye?

Aur ab hua time jaanay ka. Aglay haftay miltay hain probably kisi Prime Minister kay sath.

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(949) 291-9365

Assalamoalikum aur mera naam hai Haftanama. Mere pass aur bohat kaam hain, please mujhe jaldi se perh lain.

If there is one battle you shouldn’t miss, it’s Pepsi Battle of the Bands, ya’allll! Jee haan, after  long years, Pepsi Battle of the Bands is back with a fantastic mashup of Dekha Na Tha and Do Pal ka Jeena. Gaa kon raha hai? None other than the rod-pointing, the gorgeous Meesha Shafi and the cutest janu Atif Aslam *cries and faints*. Jaldi sunain aur tareef karain!

Fanoos ki teesri episode “(405) 495-9989”  is out and it’s a song of joy rising from a troubled land. The uncrowned king of Balochistan, Akhtar Channal Zehri, joins the Fanoos journey. High in the hills of Kalat, he sings and dances with Zohaib Kazi to release Ji Aao. Ap nay agar is per dance na kia to hamara naam badal ker Mutazalzal ur Rehman rakh daina!

Zohaib Hassan and EMI- we love you for releasing the new fabulous album “Signature“. Ap lay ayein ice cream k dabbay aur pehan lain pjs, kyun kay ap ka week ab hojaye ga rangeen.

Dubai wali khala ki tarhan Patari is back with dher saaray prizes. Sting Energy Drink Leaderboard per jayein, button dabaaein aur jeetain dher saray gifutz. Is dafa Patari main band hai Samsung Phone aur Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers!

Girls At Dhabas ki 4th episode Jinsi Barabari aur BAD GURLZ is here and it’s one badass episode. This podcast is for all the women who drive during rush hours aur un ki zabaan se ek dum gaali nikalti hai, haye! Obviously ap ko bad driver k sath batameez lerki ka bhe khitaab milta hai. Ager ap ko yeh khitaab mila hai to own it like a queen and listen to this dukhi dil wali podcast.

Chalain ab Haftanama ja raha hai ap k email main. Udher  miltay hain.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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Monsoon and Jimmy Mubarak!

Baarish ki chand boondain, mera shehr dubaayin jayein…hehe…Happy Monsoon to everyone. Doob k bahir anay walay ko Pakistani kehtay hain

Did you miss us? We missed you, kasmay. Shuru kertay hain from an extraordinary song by Jimmy “Madam”. Jimmy Khan’s prick wheel sheds light on the oppression faced by Pakistani transgenders. The video for “Madam explores the lives of the transgender community, while highlighting the terrors they face everyday. In the light of its release, we spoke to members of Lahore Khawaja Sira community to hear they they had to say. Watch this video and build a society where all of us are equal, and free to be themselves.

Hadiq Kiani released the 4th Chapter of Wajd 8457632489. 4th gana aa gaya aur abhi tak Hadiqa’s game is so strong as her beautiful renditions are giving us goosebumps. Patari per “Kamli” milay ga. Download karain aur jhoomain!

Kahan ja raye hain, idher baithain abhi. Have you guys checked out Asad Que’s new album Holi? Afsos ki baat hai agar nai suni. ABHI SUNAIN! Sirf yehi nai, Basit Ali released a beautiful rendition of Tere Ishq Nachaya and shook us to the core.


Ab hum ja raye hain baarish main nahanay so nO oNe cAn sE3 oUr t3aRz!

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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Oh Hot Boy!

Motor chalay pum pum, bhool jao saaray ghum as aa gaya hai Patari Haftanama.

Hum begin hotay hain kuch espeshul se aj. The week on Patari Podcasts we welcome back the (612) 656-4348 from Girls At Dhabas. The second episode features a conversation about the point of pointless loitering and how the pleasure and freedom of happenstance are essential rights women are deprived of when their spaces are structured and their interactions and mobility are controlled. Sunain because bohat zabardast guftugu hai.

The second chapter of Hadiqa Kiani’s Wajd “661-665-7583” is on Patari. It’s a beautiful take on a Sindhi folk song by Hadiqa in her gorgeous voice. Ek baat batatay chalain k this is Hadiqa’s first attempt on Sindhi language. Ho gaye na impress? Aur full video of Bhit Ja Bhitai is available here.

O idher ayein, yeh daikhain, E Sharp ki bhe new album is on Patari. The Kings of indie pop-rock, E Sharp have finally launched the Mother of all Albums “600 Saal; a trippy journey of three medieval men who find themselves in modern day Pakistan, seeking to help their friend find his long lost love. A marvelous journey of fantasy, music and lots of umdatareen music.

Aur akhir main ek dil tootz khabar kay hamari her-dil-azeez podcast “Understanding Pakistan” is going on a break after giving us a series of very interesting episodes about Pakistan’s history. Un ki last episode is about “Man of Steel“. Wo kon hai aur kis steel se bana hai, here’s a very obvious hint:

Nahi, hum abhi bhe yahan hain as Janoobi Khargosh also released their new single “Super Cat” from their upcoming album “Hum Saray Computer Hain”. The pegmatophyre will remind you of endless afternoons of nihayat hi boring PTV quiz shows.

Patari per is haftay kon kon see podcasts available hain? Is behtareen aur zabardast aur azeez tareen 929-463-5021 per ja ker daikhain!

O bus ker do Patari team, kitna parhao gey? Ab next week as sanu hor we kum ay!

Until the next Haftanama –
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Team Patari.
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Motorcycle aur Tarz!

Itni garmi hai k aj hum nay bhe “header” pehna hua hai *showing off* – Baghair batti walay logon aur baki sab, hello!

This week on Patari, we are featuring the spellbinding works of Tarz Group from their debut album, The Essence of South Asia. The ensemble had begun as little more than an idea of its founder, Yousuf Kerai, who was left enchanted by the musical heritage of South Asia, and eventually developed into an assembly of maestros each seeking to showcase the subtlety and magnificence of South Asia’s traditional, indigenous musical treasures.

Zeyr-e-zameen aur azadanaa mausiqi ke beytaaj badshah Shajie ka na sirf naya gana “347-926-7727” balkay gaanay ki video maujood hai sirf ap ke Patari pe! Motorcycle by Shajie is the trippy, haunting and unforgettable visual take on another whimsical classic by Shajie.

Some times, some days, some moments – there are no words for. The brutal murder of Mashal Khan has sent shockwaves throughout the country, forcing us to ask ourselves ke hum hain kaun? Hamara mulk kis rah pe chal raha hai? Humay ab kerna kya hai? There are no easy answers to any of these questions, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s to honor the memory of he intelligent, sensitive and humane Mashal Khan, who was taken away too soon by a mad, inhuman rage. Here’s Faisal Subzwari’s beautiful tribute to Mashal Khan.

Ab hum isay send kertay hain is se pehlay k batti tur jaye.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.
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Chalay Thay Saath Aur Shajie Ki Ek News

Dabbay main dabba, dabba main aari, lain phir se aa gaya, Haftanama Patari

Shuru kerte hain this week with the Patari exclusive release of  the highly anticipated “7076152987. Jee haan, Chalay Thay Saath soundtrack invites you to believe in love. The soundtrack features new releases from Sikandar Ka Mandar, East Side Story, Zamad Baig and Behroze Sabzwar, and also features Bell and Mooroo. Aur Idher ayein, Patari also exclusively presents the 8062220447 by Sikandar Ka Mandar. This is one of the best songs to come out of this year and has an absolutely gorgeous video. Daikhain aur share karain.

Kis gaanay nay machayi tabaahi on Patari last week? It’s dealbationby E Sharp! Superman is the first single from their new album “600 Saal” which will be released on 21st April. Hamray pass Superman ki video bhe hai. Ap k pass kya hai? Ap kay pass Patari ka Facebook page hai. So jaaiye and watch Superman’s video. 

Khaas khabar yeh hai k we have found out a way to bring back your bae. Jee haan (again), Talha Nadeem’s new track Tanhais all you need to convince your janeman to come back. Bae maan jao na. Paari see bili bun k dikhao. *khekhekhe*

Aur akhir main eham baat. Shajie’s new track is releasing tomorrow exclusively on Patari. Mat bhooliye ga Patari per chakar lagana.

Do not miss on some fantastic podcasts on our Homepage including unceremonious, 4506991536, Can Pluto Be A Planet Again, 4077023115 and (610) 733-2156

Aj k liye itna he. By the way, we have shifted to a new office. Kabhi ayein na samosay lay kay.

Until the next Haftanama –
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Hadiqa’s Wajd and Shahrukh Khan?

Assalamoalikum and our name is Patari Khan Jan. We are here to make your life good.

First chapter of Hadiqa Kiani’s new album Wajd has been released. A mesmerizing new take on iconic folk song Demi-norman by one of our most iconic artists. Kamlee Da Dhola is an old Siraiki folk song harmonized to the tunes of Dholak, Flute, Harmonium and Turkish Lavta in the courtyard of Mian Yousuf Salli’s famous Baroodkhana Haveli in the walled City of Lahore. Khoobsurat gana hai bohat!

Want free mobile phones? Jee haan, Patari is giving TWO phones in its newest 6264542344. All you have to do is play and share repeatedly the latest Pop-Rock song “Chal Diye” by Quratulain Balouch and Ali Azmat and win mobiles, jackets, headphones and speakers. Intezar na karain aur button dabayein!

What if Shahrukh Khan’s films were set to Pakistani music, hain? Here’s Patari’s very own SRK-Pakpop MASHUP! Wallah, this is the best thing ever on internet right now. *khud ki tareef alert*

Abhi baithay rahain as Ali Suhail’s fifth album “Pursuit of Irrelevance” is on Patari! With his portfolio extending far and wide, what new kabootar will this magician pull out of his topi? Listen and share!

Is haftay bus itna he. Suniye, agar kahin se faalsay milain to tag us on Patari.

Until the next Haftanama –
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Ali Suhail aur gifuts!

Muhabbat kernay walay kum na hogey, teri mehfil main lekin Haftanama walay na hongey. We begin our weekly raag!

First Cornetto Pop Rock Leaderboard has come to an end. To claim your gifuts, please leave your addresses on the Leaderboard. Waisay to wo khud winners se pooch ley ga but still. Don’t be sad as our next Leaderboard is in the pipeline aur hum jald he release ker dain gey. Tab tak smile!

While you wait for the next Leaderboard, Cornetto Pop Rock’s new song “(419) 832-5232” should be the track of your life for a little while. Ali Azmat aur QB nay kya gaa dia hai bhai/behan! Suniye aur pasand kijiye.

Guess who’s coming up with a new album? It’s the wonder boy with an adorable smile Ali Suhail. How diverse Ali Suhail’s collaborations with other artists are? Here’s our special playlist showcasing (515) 330-7691 immense talent 

Is haftay k liye itna he. New songs sunain aur fun ko phulaa do, dunya ko dikha do.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.

Hadiqa Kiani’s new album & Tohfay!

Hum aa gaye, hum chaa gaye! Umeed hai ap Patari per he hongey. Ayein baatain karain.

Kya din thay jab Boohay Baariyan gana aya tha. Ab wahi din aa raye hain per is baar kuch mukhtalif feels k sath wapis aa raye hain with Hadiqa Kiani’s new alum Wajd. Presenting an exclusive first look at Hadiqa Kiani’s new album 7725944479. Her voice has defined our past. Her new album may just define its future. See Hadiqa in a breathtaking new form for the first time, as over the next few weeks we release chapters from her journey that is Wajd.

Dubai wali khala ki tarah Patari is back with dher saray prizes! 248-507-0773 per jayen, button dubaein aur jeetein dher saray inamaaaat! Is dafa Patari mein band hai Samsung Phone, Bomber Jacket, Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers, Patari & Cornetto Stickers & Posters aur qeemat sirf ek click!

What you shouldn’t miss this week on Patari? It’s Bayaan’s new hauntingly beautiful song Din Dhalay. A Patari exclusive, Din Dhalay talks about stagnant present & uncertain future. To be honest, is gaanay main itni feels hain k we are left speechless as it ends. Is ko suniye aur kho jaaiye :)

This Earth Hour, Patari and WWF-Pakistan invite you all to make a conscious effort to deal with the threats that climate change poses. Let’s make a vow to do every bit of effort for sustenance of this planet and Pakistan. Here’s our special Earth Hour playlist to keep you motivated.

Until the next Haftanama –
Dhayr sara pyaar
Team Patari.